We’re Open

Here’s How It’s Going to Work

Please Read – Effective May 12

1)        All policies of the Archdiocese of Mobile will be adopted as our own. 

2)        The Archbishop of Mobile has granted a dispensation from the obligation of Sunday Mass. This means that if you are really worried about the virus or very susceptible, you can stay home. If you are sick, please be charitable and stay home. If you prefer to come to Mass during the week that’s okay too.  The more we do this, the more social distancing can be maintained.  
3)        In order to facilitate the best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will have Mass only at St. Philip so that sanitizing and distancing procedures can be fully exercised. We will have Mass at St. Michaels again soon.  There will be buckets in the back for the collection.  There will be one for each parish.  
4)        The fans and air will be running to improve circulation in the Church.  This is a measure suggested by the Alabama Department of Health. This means you might want a sweater. 
5)        It is acceptable to wear masks and gloves. For Holy Communion, the recipient will remove any gloves.
6)        Groups are not to socialize after Mass. After Mass, please return to your car and go home. We will return to socialization after Mass as soon as it is safe. No one may use the parish hall for meetings yet.
7)        We will continue to broadcast our online Masses and have Drive-Thru Confessions.
8)        Please refrain from holding hands during the Our Father and the sign of peace may be exchanged without physical contact.
9)        Holy Communion cannot be transported from the Church in a Pyx. As per the instruction of the Archbishop, only priests may administer Holy Communion.
10)      Please social distance inside the Church, even in the Communion line.  Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and be safe!! Hand Sanitizer will be available for your use at Mass.  Our restroom is closed for the moment.

11)      Please note the Mass times are different than our normal Mass times and there is one extra Mass.  This is to create more opportunities for social distancing inside the Church.  

12)      There will not be music at Mass for the time being.  

13)      Our Parish Website will have the most up-to-date information.  

Mass Times:

Saturday Vigil – 5:30PM

Sunday Mass – 7AM; 8:30AM; 10AM; 11:30AM

Monday Mass – 4:30PM

Tuesday Mass – 10AM; 4:30PM

Wednesday Mass – 10AM; 4:30PM

Thursday Mass – 10AM; 4:30PM

Drive Thru Confessions 5:30PM-6:30PM on Sunday Evening



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